EuroVelo 2

Dresden to Prague

Collect our bikes from the factory in Berlin


Street clothes for the 5-day ride




Began in Berlin – Urban Cycling is the best way to see it





City routes designed for flow; no abrupt ends


Arrive in Dresden – EU cycling is safe – no helmets


Time to go. Breakfast in bike-friendly café in Dresden





Meet in Dresden on a cool but clear day in May.


Join EuroVelo Route 2 in Dresden. For cycling only. No cars.

The route is signposted for 5,500 KM

Near towns, the route is shared with walkers

The cycleway follows the river – the most scenic route

First coffee stop in town just off route 2




And we discover a chocolate store

Back on Route 2 through the forest. Smoothly paved

Following American Andy who brought serious cycling kit




Long distance travellers (buskers from the look of it)

Lunch in a bike-friendly (signposted) restaurant

Ferry crossing the River




Follow the red brick road

German Czech border

Cyclists Welcome

CYCLISTS WELCOME is a nationwide 

certification system, which denotes catering and accommodation facilities, campsites and tourist destinations quipped for the needs of cyclists. The body guaranteeing certification is Nadace Partnerstvi (Partnership Foundation).

One of the few parts not yet paved




Slow cycling – stops to see castles

The Alfresco dining was a joy, and the weather was perfect

Everything was well signposted, I-site found our hotels




End of day, bikes in lockup in back of hotel

Prague bike shop packs bikes to check in with Emirates

Checked luggage on the top. No damage.




We’re halfway home

Back to Waiheke hills – add a Bafang mid-mount motor kit