2016 Coming Soon: Another eBike Buying Group NZ

As part of our ongoing effort to get more New Zealanders on bicycles (with ebike motor kits to make it enjoyable), SlowCycles is repeating the very successful buying group project it last did in 2014. This time, we are teaming up with an Auckland ebike distributor who understands the difference between the usual stuff sold in NZ, and what makes a great, and affordable ebike... a great bicycle combined with the best ebike motor kit.

So first, it required finding the right bike manufacturer. Where to look? Italy. Italians make great bikes, but rarely sell them beyond their own borders. They mastered frame design a century ago, and they understand beauty as well as performance. They make city bikes for city riding, and racing bikes for racers. We wanted their city bikes. So we arranged for the NZ distributor to visit a bicycle factory in Italy that makes classic European bicycles the traditional way.

The distributor brought home a couple of samples which will move between his shops in Newmarket and Waiheke Island.

The Group Buy: Normally, the price of an ebike includes the cost to buy and ship the components from overseas to NZ, the distributor's margin and the dealer's margin. However, in a group buy, the members save on the dealer part, and the distributor does not need to guess how many will sell, so he can shave his margin as well. The buyers also get to select their colour and perhaps a few other details.

It's a simple process. Each member pays in advance for the bicycle and motor kit, before the cut off date. The actual price of the bicycle is in Euros and the motor kit in USD, so the price depends on the exchange rate at the time. GST and customs duty is included. Shipping is by sea in containers. When the bikes and motor kits arrive, the distributor assembles them (or arranges for a bike shop to do so for a fee) and you are on your way.

Watch this web page for more details as we sort the prices, delivery estimates and get some photographs of the selection.

Use the contact page to get more information.

This project is sponsored by the Renaissance Aotearoa Foundation, a NZ registered charity and IRD approved charitable trust.

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